Blog | 27 May 2021

Storing OMER.

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1. Dark

Light is the worst enemy of beer. Sunlight influences the tast ànd smell of beer in a negative way. Especially the hops present in OMER. Traditional Blond will change the smell of the beer when in contact with light. A cellar with the lights out is the ideal location for beer storage. Also a cool cabinet serves as a perfect storing place. This takes us to the next point.

2. Cool

We recommend a constant temperature of 10 – 15° C. Are you able to determine the air humidity of the room? Go for 40-50% in order to obtain the perfect balance between humid and dry. Only store your bottle of OMER. Traditional Blond in the fridge when you’re planning to drink it soon. Putting it one night before consumption in the fridge, will do the trick!

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3. Upright

Beer with a crown cap like OMER. Traditional Blond 33 cl, needs to be stored upright. If you don’t do this accordingly, the yeast (normally at the bottom of the bottle) will mix up with the rest of the beer. Another reason why you should store it upright, is oxidation. When the bottle is stored on its side, the beer touches the metal of the crown cap. After a while, the oxidation of the metal will involve a change of taste.

Beer with a cork can be stored horizontally. That way, the cork won’t dry out. But when it comes to beer with a cork ànd refermentation on the bottle (OMER. Traditional Blond 75 cl), the bottle should be straigthened up and stored upright a couple of days before consumption. OMER. Traditional Blond tastes at its best when the yeast isn’t mixed up with the rest of the beer.

4. Shelf life

OMER. Traditional Blond is best to be consumed within 18 months after production (like shown on the label). After these 18 months, OMER. is still drinkable but the taste will change from then on because of the aging process. We recommend to drink your bottle of OMER. as soon as possible after purchase for the ideal tasting experience.

5. Ready to pour

Conclusion: OMER. Traditional Blond needs to be stored standing in a cool, dark room. Before consumption, store in the fridge at a temperature of 5°C.

Learn how to pour the perfect OMER. with the video below!


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