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How to taste a specialty beer

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OMER. Traditional Blond is called a degustation beer: a specialty beer of 8.0% alcohol that is enjoyed slowly. Want to fully master the art of tasting special beer? This article will help you on your way!

1. The right temperature

The temperature of beer has a major impact on the tasting experience. Therefore make sure that your bottle of OMER. is kept upright in the fridge at a temperature of around 5° C. For more information on how best to store OMER, click here.

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2. The appropriate glass

OMER. should be served in the appropriate tulip-shaped glass. Specialty beers come into their own in the glass specially made for them. The aromas are evenly distributed in the tulip-shaped OMER. glass. The letter 'O' engraved on the bottom of the glass ensures a constant flow of carbon dioxide bubbles bubbling up to the top. Make sure the glass is clean, as that too is crucial for the ultimate taste experience. Please note that for OMER. we use a dry glass.

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3. Gently pour out

Your bottle of OMER. is cold and ready? The glass is clean? Pour the beer at a temperature of 4-6°C. Then hold the glass at a 45° angle and pour the bottle slowly against the rim of the glass. Once the glass is half full, slowly move it upright to obtain the desired head (2 cm from the top edge). The pouring of specialty beer is done in a constant calm motion, without excessive 'clocking'. Leave 1 cm of beer in the bottle. This is the yeast stock. Some beer lovers prefer to add the yeast fond to the poured glass. This makes the beer a little fruitier and cloudier. That choice is entirely up to you. Watch our video showing the pouring ritual step by step here.

Tasting beer like a true connoisseur in 4 steps

You may have been drinking your favorite beer for years without giving it much thought. But how do you taste OMER. Traditional Blond like a true expert?

1. Watching

Now the tasting really begins. Describe the color you see. Next, look at the clarity: is the beer cloudy, foggy or clear? Note: as mentioned above, the clarity may also be affected by whether or not the yeast fond is poured out. OMER. is clear and golden in color according to the traditional pouring ritual. If the beer is poured correctly, a thin head will form. Do you see too large bubbles in the head? Then your glass is probably not clean enough and you should ask for a freshly washed one.

2. Smell

Beer is not rolled to the extent that one does with a wine tasting, but it's okay to do so for a while to release the aromas. Discover the rising aromas. What aromas can you distinguish from each other? Try to list each scent that comes to mind. With OMER. this is mainly the smell of malt, yeast and citrus. The light citrus aromas come from the lupulin, present in the hops.

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3. Tasting

We come to the most fun step of tasting. To taste properly, you take a small sip. So, in a beer tasting, we swallow everything as opposed to a wine tasting. Take some oxygen for the second sip and let the beer circulate in your mouth. With more air in your mouth, the aromas of the beer are released more. Hold the beer in your mouth for a moment to explore all the flavors before swallowing it all. Does the taste match the aromas you smelled? What flavors do you think of when tasting the beer? Let your imagination run wild. Our master brewers describe OMER. as a beer with a full, fruity flavor and a subtle bitterness.

4. Enjoy

The last step? Fully enjoying the moment. Tasting is not only analyzing but also appreciating the masterpiece that is beer. Make it even more fun by tasting different beers with family and friends!

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Additional tips for tasting optimal specialty beers*
  • Don't eat too spicy or with lots of garlic before tasting beers
  • Be careful with perfume or aftershave. This will affect your odor intake and therefore your taste.
  • Do not wear lip balm or lipstick.
  • Give your taste and smell a chance to settle down between tastings
  • Drink water and eat a dry cracker or some bread between tastings
  • Taste from smaller tasting glasses so you are not affected by the alcohol
  • If you smoke, smoke far enough away from where you are tasting

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